Fall 2012


Konstantin PrishepThe Aquatorium Barge

A series of songwriting and performance workshops in New York for young people of color with limited access to arts and education. 


Melanie CreanMemories of the Future

As part of a collective made up of artists, activists, chaplains, doulas, and others, Ted and his collaborators will be growing their work to reflectively respond to the ongoing AIDS crisis. 

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Nancy NowacekCitizen Bridge

A free community photography studio that offers portraits and classes to community members to learn skills in documenting and capturing their everyday lives.

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Spring 2012

Tracy CandidoYouth Food Lab

A multiyear project that addresses gender-based violence as a systemic culture of oppression and seeks to collectively heal the wounds that this violence has caused by bringing survivors into conversation with a larger public.

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Daniel Lang/LevitskyJust Like That

Chinatown Art Brigade is a collective of Asian American artists and activists who collaborate with grassroots organizations in order to create public conversations that shed light on displacement in New York’s Chinatown and work to ameliorate the effects that new art world spaces have on Chinatown residents and business owners. With Culture Push, the CAB will work to find a shape and identity for their group, and concentrate on creating a strong network for their actions.

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Esther Neff & Yelena GluzmanTheorems, Proofs, Rebuttals and Propositions: A Conference of Theoretical Theater

A multimedia project that uses the meditative space of the labyrinth to work through the complex subject of real estate redlining in New York City.

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