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October 14th- 21st, 2017

Culture Push is collaborating with YKON, a Helsinki-based arts collective, to practice "Utopia," linking the fantastical and the pragmatic to bring about social, political and artistic change. Artists and participants will field-test different "Practical Utopias" through a series of experiences, prompts, and gatherings woven into everyday life. They'll offer you new possibilities outside normal routines and give an opportunity to understand people, the city, and civic life from a new perspective, transforming everyday life into a source of inspiration!

Participating Artists include:
Walis Johnson
(Spring 2017 Fellow)
Yvonne Shortt (Fall 2016 Fellow)
Chloë Bass (CP Board member, Fall 2013 Fellow)
aricoco (Spring 2015 Fellow)
Noemi Segarra (Spring 2016 Fellow)
James Andrews (Fall 2015 Fellow)

Go to for more information! 
See below for calendar of events. All are free and open to the public, but space is limited for some, so sign up now!