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PUSH/PULL is an online journal sponsored by Culture Push, a platform for ideas and thoughts that are still in development. PUSH/PULL is a virtual venue that allows us to present a variety of perspectives on civic engagement, social practice, and other issues that need attention. PUSH/PULL will help to situate the Fellows and the work they do within a critical discourse, and act as a forum for an ongoing dialogue between the Fellows, the Culture Push community, and the world at large.


ISSUE 3 // SUMMER 2016

A selection of writing to accompany the exhibition, Artifacts & After Effectsat the Westbeth Gallery. The exhibition featured the work of past and present Fellows from the Fellowship for Utopian Practice

With contributions from Lise Brenner, Sarah Dahnke, Jen Kennedy & Liz Linden, and Go! Push Pops (Katie Cercone & Elisa Garcia de la Huerta).


ISSUE 2 // SPRING 2016

Guest editor Sarah Dahnke presents a selection of art, poetry, and writing from the individuals in solitary confinement with whom she corresponds and collaborates by way of her project, Dances for Solidarity.

With contributions from Israel Balboa, Michael Collier, Dushaan Gillum, and Dwayne McKinney. 


ISSUE 1 // Winter 2015

An introduction to our newest project, the online journal PUSH/PULL. PUSH/PULL is a platform for voices in the Culture Push community. 

With contributions from Chloë Bass, Lise Brenner, Emerald Carter, and Sarah Dahnke.