Spring 2016 Fellow
Fellow: Stephano Espinoza & Cristobal Guerra Naranjo
Project: Sacúdete


ABOUT Sacúdete

Sacúdete invites folks to explore their bodies in non-conventional ways through the use of performance art and theatre exercises. Artists and non-artists use movement and play to engage in conversation about power, privilege and accessibility to public spaces, specifically in Corona, Queens. Through a series of workshops, people with non-traditional art backgrounds and an interest in intervening in public spaces as a political gesture, can meet to learn, ask questions and create together.  

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Artist bio

Cristobal Guerra Naranjo is a visual artist born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Now based in Brooklyn, their work explores Afro-Caribbean identity and (some of) its intersections through written word, video and performance.

Stephano Espinazo Galarza is an artist and educator from Ecuador based in Queens, NY. His work is multidisciplinary and focus on issues related to popular culture, and CUYrness.