Fall 2016


Clarivel Ruiz, Dominicans Love Haitians Movement

A multimedia project that aims to heal wounds inflicted by colonialism that reverberate in the relationship between Dominicans and Haitians today.


Ranjani Chakraborty & Salvador Muñoz, Say What?! Street Harassment Intervention Strategies

A grassroots, multimedia-based project that aims to equip the NYC community with the skills necessary to respond to and intervene in street harassment when witnessing it. 

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Yvonne Shortt, Women Who Build. Artists Who Own

A woman-led and woman-grown initiative to empower women to learn construction skills, grow their networks, and increase their confidence as problem solvers.

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Spring 2016

PISO Proyecto (Noemi Segarra), Cuerpo y Ciudad

A platform for intervention, mobilization, and improvisation, that channels bodily movement as a political tool in order to explore ideas related to identity and personhood for Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico and abroad.

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Corinne Cappelletti & Eva Perrotta, ro͞odərəl

A movement-based practice and information-sharing platform where Corinne Cappelletti and Eva Perrotta bring audiences onto the streets of New York to understand the role that wild medicinal and edible plants have on our well-being, our community relationships, and our understanding of reciprocity.

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Piper Anderson, Mass Story Campaign

A national participatory story exchange that will travel to more than twenty U.S cities situating the stories of people directly impacted by incarceration as a transformative lens through which communities reimagine justice.

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Stephano Espinoza & Cristobal Guerra Naranja, Sacúdete

A series of workshops that brought individuals in Corona, Queens together to experiment with various forms of performance, allowing for an unconventional exploration of one’s body, and notions of power, accessibility, and privilege.

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