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The Summit of Practical Utopians

The Summit of Practical Utopians concentrates on everyday interactions & social norms.

The Summit for Practical Utopians is a weeklong summit of ideas that is designed to be part of our everyday lives, creating a rhizomatic network of actions throughout New York City. The supporting app will allow participants to choose new pathways through their day to day, and shift their thinking and practice in community with others.

The term “Practical Utopia” reflects the desire for large scale changes to the current system of society by initiating the first practical steps towards such changes right here and now. “Practical Utopia” insists on the necessity of Utopia as an intellectual concept interlinking the fantastical and the pragmatic in bringing about social, political and artistic change.

The Summit is the last section of the Practical Utopia series. We want to pay attention to individual decision-making, looking directly at social interactions & social norms within an urban context. 

Go to to find out more about the week, events and download the de-training app. 

Later Event: November 17
7 minutes in Heaven