There’s no place like home
and surely no place like Hell
Heaven is virtually any place
OUTSIDE of a cell
if home is where the heart is
prison is cardiac arrest
it’s the roadblock between the rolling stone
and where he seeks to lay to rest
prison is where people are confined
where they’re put on display
where rats and roaches sometimes stop to observe
as they go about their way
prison is where my dignity died
where my senses became numb
to the point where my own personal clouds
blocked out all light from the sun

My cell is the place
where there’s only one TRUTH
where I face reality
and excuses are few
my cell is the place
where I see my TRUE SELF
where there’s no escape
from the pain that’s felt
my cell is where
there’s no refuge but GOD
where luxuries of life
are just a mirage

My cell is where I was humbled
and came to understand
that having a better future
begins right where I stand
my cell is where I first laid plans
to become a better man
my cell is where I began to “see” 
and where my vision cleared
everything in my life changed
once the illusions disappeared
in my cell and in the dark
somehow a light clicked on
though I felt just like a fool
all foolishness was gone
I was trying to find myself
because my SELF was lost
I never expected to find myself
in this cold and empty box
maybe there was another way
but I could not tell
all I know for sure is
I found ME in this cell!

Complaining accomplishes nothing
anger is a waste of time
instead lay back and open your mind
it’s amazing what you might find