Photo by Lise Brenner of James Sheehan painting. Location: downstairs hallway at the Drawing Center. August 2015.


Photo by Lise Brenner of James Sheehan painting. Location: downstairs hallway at the Drawing Center. August 2015.


Group: Really smart people.
Group: I am understood when I say the truth: choreography is everywhere
Group: Really smart people
Environment: Possibility
Environment: Fail in peace
Environment: Trust
Group: Part of a collective
Project: A work in progress
Environment: Process is respected
Project: Product comes from specific processes
Environment: Anything can become a process with the right attention
Group: Discussion
Project: A day with a camera that is not my iPhone
Project: An hour at the Fisher Landau Center for Art (Go! Go.)
Project: Goldie Hawn got her start as a gogo dancer in Forest Hills
Project: The joy and the dignity of the everyday
Environment: We all matter
Project: A return to making
Project: Hey. I’m a dancer
Environment: Cause and effect
Group: What is reciprocal? is a very important process question
Project: Listening to the East River while lying on a rotting bulwark in the late afternoon sun


Project: Recording traffic while waiting at 27th Street under the Queens Plaza train station for the light to change

Martha Williams April 2015


Project: Recording poplar leaves and the City framed in branches

Project: Trying to go back the day after the bulldozers arrived


Project: Documenting construction sites and wishing I was Atget 

Project: Getting questioned by construction workers who don’t like me taking photos through the little plastic windows in the green painted plywood walls that surround construction sites


Project: Pretending I am not taking photos when I actually am (this only works with the iPhone)


Project: Taking my first acting class in a really long time
Project: Realizing while taking FastTrac New Venture that my Culture Push project could become the basis of an actual community-based business
Project: Installing “StreetWalks” a collective photo show about the streets of Dutch Kills on the walls of Our Coffee Shop, the little coffee place on 29th Street that opened last year


Project: The lady regular at Our Coffee Shop who frequently tells me that she gives guided tours of the café walls (which months later are still covered with the photos of Dutch Kills that Connie Murray, Sal Espinoza, Eva Weiss and I installed for StreetWalks). “I know all the places.”
Project: The privilege of listening to Joe Dente (an Our Coffee Shop regular and avid handball player) tell me about: working, baseball, drinking, growing up on 27th Street and 39th Avenue in Dutch Kills during the 1950’s

Tangible proof that life is art. Really.