Staff + Board

Clarinda Mac Low
Executive Director, Co-Founder

Clarinda Mac Low, co-Founder and Executive Director of Culture Push, oversees all operations and programs of the organization. Clarinda has been creating cross-disciplinary artworks using dance, performance, video, installation and other disciplines for over 25 years, and she initiated Culture Push as a continuation of her experimental performance and socially engaged art practice. Her work has been produced nationally and internationally, and her practice is deeply embedded in her hometown of New York City. Clarinda facilitates the Fellows’ strategic planning and creative development and leads the development of the vision and foundational philosophies of the Fellowship program as it matures and adapts to changing social and political

Madelyn Ringold-Brown
Assistant Director

Madelyn received a BA in Art History from New College, the public honors college of Florida where she completed a graduate-level thesis on the subject of contemporary public art practice, focusing on the works of Francis Alÿs and Krzysztof Wodiczko. In 2012 she relocated to Brooklyn and has since held positions at a variety of arts institutions including Creative Time, Symphony Space, the Textile Arts Center, Recession Arts, and the Museum of Modern Art. In 2014 Madelyn began working with Culture Push where she is now the Assistant Director and manages special projects such as exhibitions the online journal PUSH/PULL.  She is driven by a love for art and a desire to support cultural production that perpetuates social justice.

Linnea Ryshke
Administrative Director

As both an artist and supporter of other artists, Linnea is committed to the vision of art as a critical, powerful tool towards social change and re-imagination of ways of relating to one another and to other beings. Linnea makes her own work in response to the current plight of non-human animals and their continued marginalization and invisibility from everyday lives and choices. Her work fundamentally seeks to encourage dialogue about the broader ideology of oppressive systems, and allow space for the non-human animal voices who are largely written out of popular thought. She recently graduated from Pratt Institute with B.F.A. in Painting and minor in Environmental Studies. Her body of work, titled Reembodiment Project can be seen on her website

Natalia Vilela
Social Media Director

Natalia joined Culture Push in 2015 as a social media intern, she now manages and directs all social media platforms for Culture Push and serves as an in-house documentarian. In 2016 she graduated from Hofstra University in Long Island, NY with a degree in Journalism and Fine Arts. At the university, she was a fellow at the university's Center for Civic Engagement, as well as the art director for one of its student-run magazines, Pulse. Besides Culture Push, Natalia works as the Social Media Assistant for BeVisible Latinx. Outside of her professional activities, Natalia spends time volunteering with various organizations in New York City; Currently, she is the co-captain in training of the New York branch of Have A Hart Day, a social media-organized volunteering initiative created by YouTube personality Hannah Hart.


Nancy Nowacek

Mark Bradford

Reza Keshavarz

Janusz Jaworski

Adam Simon

Advisory Board:

Stephen Greco

Geoffrey Hendricks

Ishmael Houston-Jones

Felicity Hogan

Michael DiPietro

Sur Rodney Sur

Associated People:

Aki Sasamoto
Co-Founder, Former Board of Directors

Christina Vassallo
Program Associate (2011 — 2012)

Aaron Miller
Web Designer

Walker Tate
Graphic Artist

Michael M. Yi
Former Board of Directors

Yuka Yokoyama
Former Board of Directors

Mayuran Tiruchelvam
Former Board of Directors

Arturo Vidich
Co-Founder, Former Board of Directors

Velonica Inberg
Intern (2010 — 2011)

Leah Meltzer
Studio Marathon Coordinator (2010)

Ann Chen
Development Associate (2009 — 2010)