Gòngmíng Collective for Language Justice is a group of New York-City based individuals from the Chinese diaspora who aim to shift the power dynamics of language by building interpretation, translation, language capacity development, and community spaces in Chinese languages grounded in social justice values and community empowerment.


ABOUT US  關於我們

The Gòngmíng collective first started meeting in February 2017 in the context of gentrification in Manhattan’s Chinatown. While many new institutions wanted to tap into Chinatown’s culture for profit, the Collective came together to challenge the notion that community engagement of Chinatown’s residents existed beyond selectively translated words.


Historically, translation and interpretation for immigrant communities in the United States have reinforced notions of authority where limited-English proficient communities are expected to passively absorb the information that is provided in a one-way format of communication. For Gòngmíng Collective, interpretation and translation into Chinese is a two-way channel that can bridge language, geographic and generational gaps between people that speak different languages within the Chinese American community.



Gòngmíng 共鳴 is the Chinese word for “resonance.”  Resonance is a term from physics, where two wavelengths that vibrate together can create a booming sound. In conversational Chinese, when a person or social movement creates gòngmíng, their actions strike a sympathetic chord into the heart strings of others. It resonates with them and moves them to action.The word gòngmíng (resonance) is a combination of  共 gòng, which means together,  and 鳴 míng, which depending on context, could be any cry ranging from the chirping of birds (鳴唱), the tolling of a bell (鳴鐘) to booming thunder (雷鳴) and the shocking voice of an unexpected underdog (一鳴驚人).


In that spirit, Gòngmíng Collective creates a space where a social justice lens in Chinese languages can change the way Chinese Americans use language, bridge communication barriers with others and amongst ourselves, and activate new waves of thinking and engagement.

在這種精神下,共嗚中文翻譯者群制造空間 - 以社會公義的角度改變美籍華人與華語的關係, 打破與他人及彼此溝通的障礙,並激發新思考及參與的浪潮。



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