Photo courtesy of Riley rosa

Photo courtesy of Riley rosa

10 Years in the Making:

Notes from the culture push publication

From the staff:

In 2012, Culture Push started the Fellowship for Utopian Practice—a year-long program designed to allow artists and culture makers space, resources, and guidance as they develop seedling ideas that may or may not take root as expected. Now over 40 artists strong and including a Fellowship Alumni Award, the Fellowship has become a cornerstone of Culture Push and the work we do. From HIV/AIDS activism to black feminism and trans liberation, our Fellows have intersected a number of communities and causes to create work and ideas that have had effects long after their tenure with Culture Push. And that’s the point. 

In the ten years since its inception, Culture Push has maintained an ethos of transparency, community, and play—a counter to the inequity of the art world and the world at large. That’s also the point. So where do we go from here? The urgency for the work of our Fellows continues to deepen and so does the pull to continue to support them. These pieces of writing are attempts to celebrate, sustain, and continue these ideas. How does this work stand the test of time? What does failure look like? How do we keep going, together? 

To celebrate our tenth year of operation, we’re making a book. A real, pick-up-with-your-hands-and-read book. The following contributions are a taste of what’s to come—a collection of thoughts, manifestos, interviews, and recipes from our Fellows ranging over the past eight years. We hope they mark the beginning of another decade of Fellowship, failure, happy accidents, and the continuation of the many labors of love we’ve had cross our path thus far. 

Shawn, Pelenakeke and Clarinda for CP

ISSUE Eight // 
17 September 2019

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