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Join Lise Brenner for a tour of the Dutch Kills neighborhood of Long Island City:

"Dutch Kills, sandwiched between Queens Plaza and Astoria, is a neighborhood of contrasts where industrial buildings large and small have been used and reused by a wide variety of businesses, including artists and artisans of all kinds. This expedition begins with a walking tour of some of the neighborhood's unique locales where art, craft, food, and manufacturing intersect, then culminates in a private tour of the Fisher Landau Art Center, one of New York’s most celebrated private modern art collections.

Get a comprehensive introduction to the who, what, why and how of this unique collection, housed within the 25,000 square foot former parachute harness factory. Explore this prestigious collection alongside the oft overlooked found artworks throughout the surrounding streets.  Discover the interweaving histories of the Dutch Kills neighborhood and the art spaces, industrial spaces, and unique businesses that it contains."