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Lise Brenner with Atlas Obscura

Lise partners with map scientist Stuart Lynn to present History Hidden in Plain Sight: Bushwick Scavenger Hunt.

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First gathering at NURTUREart, the scavenger hunt starts with an overview of Bushwick's history and a survey of the changing face of the neighborhood through historic maps. Then, everyone sets out with notebooks and pencils (and no phones!) to hunt and gather markers of the everyday, the legendary, and the unusual.

Finally, the group will convene at Lantern Hall to have a drink, eat, share discoveries, download the data collected, and create a new collective map of the places participants have found. Prizes will be given! Categories to be determined! Everyone will win!

This workshop is part of a series of public programs organized for The Archive of Affect, an exhibition of Fellows projects at NURTUREart.