ABOUT Cuerpo y Ciudad

Cuerpo y Ciudad is an exercise in blurring boundaries between here and there, me and other. Navigating ambiguity and the desire to connect, we give ourselves the task of placing ourselves in the current socio-political economical environmental “crisis” in Puerto Rico to ponder relationships and placements: USA and the world. The best way we can engage in this process is perhaps through direct contact and inquiry: conversation, documentation and inviting others to meet at the interstices, intersections facing the crossings of diverse viewpoints. Sometimes we need to abandon "what we know" in order to receive and grow.


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Noemi Segarra works collaboratively, cross discipline with movement improvisation, performance, intervention, documentation and the creation of online archives. Her research project, PISO convenes a Laboratory that sets out to explore Body and City engaging artists and students from diverse backgrounds at diverse points in their formation, to ponder about our rights as citizens in Puerto Rico and the world. Relying on imagination and the creative process we re-unite, potentiate, organize, seek the infrastructure we need to continue making art from embodied praxis, empowering a sense of co creation, over alienation or passive consumption. Segarra’s commitment is to push forms forward, remaining grounded in local context, yet open to experience interconnection at an ample scale. Segarra's research and project gives shape and space to mobile and collapsible structures which mirror the unstable landscape we live in.

"My life is my art project. I am a woman. I am Puertorrican. Soy transeúnte y nómada. I currently live and make work between Santurce, Puerto Rico and The South Bronx, New York. My work embodies displacement, mobility, la diáspora, el vaivén, the everyday and the many ways I practice not fitting into "the society of the spectacle" instead carving new placements experiencing and practicing other ways of being in the world."

Our medium in art and in life is the body. The work begins with and in the body and a practical study of the body as living cultural statement or archive, as territory, as memory, as architecture, as interface, as instant composition, as technology. In our understanding, improvisation is the technology of the self, movement and action the sound of the body.