Fall 2017

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Chris Ignacio, Co-written

A series of songwriting and performance workshops in New York for young people of color with limited access to arts and education. 

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Theodore (Ted) KerrWhat Would An HIV Doula Do? 

As part of a collective made up of artists, activists, chaplains, doulas, and others, Ted and his collaborators will be growing their work to reflectively respond to the ongoing AIDS crisis. 

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Hidemi Tagaki, The Bed-Stuy Social 'Photo' Club

A free community photography studio that offers portraits and classes to community members to learn skills in documenting and capturing their everyday lives.

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Aida Šehović, w_i_t_n_e_s_s_ assembly

Is the first itiration of a multi-year project that addresses the prevalent culture of impunity surrounding gender-based violence. 

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Walis Johnson, The Red Line Project

An investigative, multi-generational project examining Johnson's research and family history of  property ownership in Brooklyn. 

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Chinatown Art Brigade

A cultural collective of Asian American women artists, media makers and activists, whose community-driven work is guided by the core belief that fighting against racial and economic inequity must be central to the cultural and art making process.

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