Spring 2018 Fellow
Fellow: Eli Brown
Project: Trans Family Archive 


Trans Family Archive revolves around a series of roundtable discussions designed to increase the contact and communication between generations of trans and non-binary individuals. This project collaborates and responds to Brown's similar, concurrent work with LGBTQ Boston groups, inviting the New York City trans community to listen and respond to Boston community members. This year-long, intergenerational and community led facilitation process was developed to create a pilot for a nationwide trans family audio archive.

The goals of the project are:
1. to actively resist the sensationalizing of trans bodies, by resisting the visual gender markers that have historically accompanied the representation of trans bodies in art.
2. to grow an intergenerational trans family archive, which is freely accessible and that focuses on the unique challenges that both separate and unite various generations of trans and non-binary folks.
3. to educate the general public around specific issues particular to generational divides facing transgender and non-binary peoples.


Still from Sustaining The Edge, digital animation, 2017

Still from Sustaining The Edge, digital animation, 2017

Artist BIO

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Eli Brown is a trans artist passionate about making art which is at the intersection of aesthetic form and civic engagement. His work is committed to being lateral, anti-racist, youth and elder-led, utilizing story-telling as a tool for self-empowerment and public and collective education. Brown is interested in strategizing ways to bring art and social engagement together to build emotional resilience, collective power, and knowledge.