Artifacts & After Effects is a miniature retrospective and showcase that looks back at artists and creative practitioners that have developed work through the Fellowship for Utopian Practice over the past four years. This issue of PUSH/PULL includes contributions from a selection of these artists. The entries reflect on the motivation behind their projects, identify the particularly difficult part of developing the work and bringing it to the public, or simply serve to illuminate new forms of practice that were nurtured and encouraged during their time as a Fellow. 

Though the focus and medium of their work varies, all these creative practitioners share a spirit of experimentation and horizontal collaboration that was nurtured by the Fellowship. For many of these artists, the Fellowship served as an important launchpad or incubation chamber, giving them a sustainable working methodology that continues to inform their practice.

Issue ThreE // 
08 July 2016

Know Your Moon & Your Son
A radical feminist PSA on methods of contraception made by Go! Push Pops

Jen Kennedy & Liz Linden write about the motivation behind their collaborative practice and the New York Times Feminist Reading Group

Artefacts, Dutch Kills 2015-16
Lise Brenner writes about the motivation behind her project Vox Populi

Sarah Dahnke writes about creating choreography for and with individuals in solitary confinement.